Group Plans

Looking for health benefit options to serve your employees? You’re in the right place.

More than ever before, employers are implementing health benefit plans to attract/retain talent, create a specific culture and many other reasons. Setting up a benefits package is simple, easy and can be completed within a week. The timing is up to you – Sapper Insurance will move as fast as needed to ensure your employees get the coverage they deserve.

Association Health Plans

If you’re a small organization, you likely have had a hard time finding quality health care options for your employees. Because of this, Sapper Insurance works with Association Health Plans which help:

+ reduce costs
+ provide more robust coverage
+ offer additional benefits

By doing this, your small business will receive top tier benefits at a fraction of the cost.

Direct to Carrier

If you are a large group (50+ employees), then your options are expanded. In addition to Association Health Plans, going direct to the carrier may provide the flexibility that you’re looking for.

Sapper Insurance will search the market for the best available options for your organization and then we will have an open conversation about your choices and how best to serve your employees.

Traditional & HDHP

Let’s find a plan that works for you.

Traditional health plans are great because they are simple, employees understand them, and they have a copay model.

That said, high deductible health plans (HDHP) may be a better option for your employees as they offer tax savings and lower premiums. What employers don’t realize is the “high deductibles” are actually not that “high”.

And more great news, you can likely offer both. You don’t have to pick just one.

We have carefully selected the carriers that we work with. We’ve found the following carriers to have strong networks, are customer centric and pay claims as you intend.

Looking for a group plan for a business with 2+ employees? Contact us using the form below or call directly at 360.519.6990